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Product Detail
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TT03 WIFI thermostat

  • TT03
  • OEM
Product Features
(1) 4.3inch Color Touch Screen Operation
(2) Electric Heating System( Max.16A)
(3) Adjustable Comfort Mode, Economy Mode,Party Mode, Holiday Mode and Program Mode Control
(4) 5+1+1 Weekly Programmable
(5) External and Internal Sensor Select
(6) Four languages select: English, French,Germany, Dutch
(7) Clock and Date Display
(8) Temp. Clibration
(9) ver-heating Protection   
(10) 86*86mm mounting

Edit MySchedule    
For example, if you want to edit Sat. schedule, you can press Sat. part,then you will enter the edit page.Every setting can be finished through the or button.

1.Press Up or Down Button to choose the period you are going to change. There are totally six period. Whichever period is choose,  will display.
2.After period is selected, you can set hour, minute and temperature.After all schedules are set, press APPLY to fulfill the new schedule, or you can press Cancel