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TS716 underfloor heating thermostat

  • TS716
  • OEM
TM6 electronic heatingthermoatet
This type  electronic thermostat  for  mounting in standard wall box, the thermostat isadjustable to required temperature from +5/+40C, the LED shows that the heal is On. the thermostat is recommended for control of electric heating devices or on/off valve actuator u sed
in water-based heating systems.

Technlcal data:
Voltage : AC230V(AC 110V /AC24V available)
Power  consumption : SW
Setting  range :  PL'--40‘L' 
Switching  differential : 0 5K 
Ambient  temperature: -5“L"--50‘
Protective  housing : lP20
Housing  material : anti-flammable  PC
Floor sensor : rubber-thermoplastic   NTC sensor, cable  length  is 3m

Mounting of Floor Sensor
Floor sensor shou Id be placed in installation pipe wh ich is embed- ded in floor, the pipe is th ic kened in the end and placed as h igh a s possib Ie in the concrete layer. Se n so r ca b Ie may be e xte nded up to 50 m with sepa rate cable for power curren t. Two co nductors in a multi-conducting cable, wh ich e. g. is used for supp ly of heating cable, may not be used  Voltag e signa Is, whic h may disturb Ih e
function of the thermostat,  may occur.  If the cable is used with  screer ,
th e screen may not be cDn nected to the ground, b ut inust be conncctcd to tcrm inal, the best installation is attained w ilh a
separate cablu for the sensor, which is then inounted in a sep a rate conduit.

Thermostat Adjustment
Wh an the roqm temperature has been stabilized, the thermos- tat set position may be adjusted ta match a ctual room tempera- tu re. Mea sure the temperature of the room with an a ecu rate
the rmometer. Remove control knab(1) and spin the pole(D), then reposition the o3n tro I knob so that the indicaled tempera- tu re line shows the same as the measured temperature (picture 2). We have adjusted the temperature, please do not sp in the pole when installation.

Max./Min. Tern perature Settin g
A locking mechanism is positioned behind the control knob to limit the a mount of a djustment possible. By loosening the little screw C (p icture2)the sea Ie range can be locked , e.g. Between 20'C and 25"?. The red ring indicates the maximum tempe ra- ture an d the g reen ring indicate s the minimum tern perature.