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FHMT Underfloor heating mat for Russia

  • FHMT
  • OEM
  • 8516800000

1.1Use of the Manual

This manual describes the FHMT floor heating system  how to design the room, select the product, and install the system. It is important to thoroughly review this manual and the following document prior to installation:
Thermostat Installation and Operation Manual
For additional information regarding any aspect of the FHMT System, contact:

1.2Safety Guidelines
The safety and reliability of any floor heating system depends on proper design, installation, and testing. Incorrect installation or mishandling of the product can cause damage to the heating cable, system components and property, and can create a risk of fire or shock. The guidelines and instructions contained in this guide are important. Follow them carefully to minimize these risks and to ensure that the FHMT system performs reliably.

1.3Remember to measure resistance
The resistance should be measured between the two conductors, blue and brown. Compare this resistance reading to the resistance specified in the Product Selection Table 1. The value should be within -5% to +10%. If you get a different reading, contact Xuhui at 86-553-7477605.
Also, measure the resistance between the blue, brown and shielding/ground wire. Both should read infinity. If you get a different reading, contact Xuhui at 86-553-7477605.
Please refer to “5 Commissioning” for instructions on how to measure the resistance.
Important: measure the resistance four times during the installation process
Remember to always measure, verify and record the actual resistance throughout the installation process (out of the box, after installation, after thin set cement or self-leveler application and after installation of floor tiles).
1.4 25-year Limited WarrantyFor a period of twenty-five (25) years from the date of purchase Xuhui warrants that the FHMT heating cable is free from defects in material, design and workmanship. The extended warranty is only valid if the warranty certificate has been properly completed and mailed, and the installation is in accordance with the installation instructions.