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6.5FHCT Floor heating cable

  • 6.5fhct
  • OEM
  • 8516800000
6.5FHCT is the safest, economical and easiest-to-install way to thick floor heating, outdoor snow melting, roof and gutter de-icing, water pipe freeze protection and provide years of lasting comfort.


Single point connection, easy to install
Twin conductor cable with screen, no measurable electromagnetic fields
Various sizes of floor heating cables are designed to fit the heated area of any floor
Compatibility with all standard subflooring materials
Safety approved for outdoor and wet locations
Durable construction, long life
25-year limited warranty against manufacturing defects for floor warming, 2-year limited warranty against manufacturing defects for other usage

Cable specifications

Cable Construction Twin conductor
Operating voltage 230V
Power output
20W/m for thick floor heating, roof and gutter de-icing, water pipe freeze protection
30W/m, 40W/m for outdoor snow melting
Cable diameter 6.5 mm
Min. bending radius 35mm
Conductor insulation Fluoropolymer
Outer insulation PVC
Max. continuous exposure (Power off) 105
  Min. installation temperature 5
Cold lead 2.5m length
Thermostat specifications
Functions On/Off control, digital display, 7-day programmable
Supply Voltage 220V, 50/60 Hz
Max. switching current 16 Amp
Temperature control range 5 to 40°C
Ambient range 0 to 40°C
Floor temperature sensor 2-wire, 3.0m lead wire

Catalog number
Cable length Power output Current Resistance
m W A Ohms
230V, 20W/m 6.5FHCT
6.5FHCT20-200 10.0 200 0.9 264.5
6.5FHCT20-300 15.0 300 1.3 176.3
6.5FHCT20-400 20.0 400 1.7 132.3
6.5FHCT20-500 25.0 500 2.2 105.8
6.5FHCT20-600 30.0 600 2.6 88.2
6.5FHCT20-700 35.0 700 3.0 75.6
6.5FHCT20-900 45.0 900 3.9 58.8
6.5FHCT20-1100 55.0 1100 4.8 48.1
6.5FHCT20-1300 65.0 1300 5.7 40.7
6.5FHCT20-1500 75.0 1500 6.5 35.3
6.5FHCT20-1700 83.0 1700 7.4 31.1
6.5FHCT20-1900 95.0 1900 8.3 27.8
6.5FHCT20-2100 104.0 2100 9.1 25.2
6.5FHCT20-2300 115.0 2300 10.0 23.0
6.5FHCT20-2500 126.0 2500 10.9 21.2
6.5FHCT20-2700 137.0 2700 11.7 19.6
6.5FHCT20-2950 145.0 2950 12.8 17.9
6.5FHCT20-3200 164.0 3200 13.9 16.5
Actual designs require consideration of many important variables and must be confirmed by Xuhui. Xuhui requires the use of a max. 30 mA residual current device to provide maximum safety and protection from fire. Where design results in higher leakage current, the preferred trip level for adjustable devices is 30 mA above any inherent capacitive leakage characteristic of the heater as specified by the trace heater supplier or alternatively, the next common available trip level for non adjustable devices, with a maximum of 300 mA. All safety aspects need to be proven.

Xuhui offers a full range of components for installation.
These components must be used to ensure proper functioning of the product and compliance with warranty, code, and approvals requirements.