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Principle of heating cable floor radiant heating

Heating cable floor radiant heating system is the heating of the heating cable buried in the ground concrete filled layer, through the electric heating system temperature control in the range of not more than 65. In the running process of the system, heat the decorative concrete filled conductive layer, small part of the heat convection heating indoor air. At the same time, most of the heat radiation pattern to the interior of the object and human body and the construction of the structure of conduction heating, object through the absorption of heat radiation, its surface temperature, so as to achieve heating and kept at room temperature for the purpose. Among them, the heating capacity of the system is about 60% of the total heating quantity in the radiation mode.

In the process of heating system, controlled by buried in the filling temperature sensor temperature sensor and indoor temperature controller in the. When the indoor temperature exceeds the temperature set value, temperature control power supply switch off power to the heating cable, the system will stop heating; when the indoor temperature is lower than the temperature set value, thermostat switch and switch on the power source heating cable power supply, the system starts to heat up. This reciprocating operation control heating mode accurately will bring comfort hitherto unknown warm your life in.
At present, the heating cable floor radiant heating system (heating) is to the excellent environmental protection, energy saving, comfortable, healthy characteristics by everyone's favorite!
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