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Oil refining device can be used for electric heating and heat preservation in the tropics

The exploitation of crude oil after by refining the crude oil cracking into line with kerosene, gasoline, diesel oil, heavy oil and other fuel used in an internal combustion engine. However, these fuels in transport will because of the cold weather caused by pipe inside the wax precipitation or freezing phenomenon, affecting pipeline transportation.

In order to prevent the occurrence of this kind of situation, the electric heating products can be used for the heat insulation of the electric heating products. It and the traditional heating way different, by converting electrical energy as heat medium inside the pipeline for heating thermal insulation, temperature uniformity, does not occupy space, closely on the pipe surface mount, with high thermal efficiency, use not only in the industrial pipeline, in civilian life pipeline has also been widely used.

Here need to remind is, the crude oil has the characteristics of corrosive and flammable and explosive, so in the selection of the time need with explosion proof series heater selection, at the same time, it is necessary to choose self temperature limiting heating associated with tropical or constant power electric heat tracing belt with ambient temperature and heating requirements.
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